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Holidays with Your Horse

Spring Sunshine – at last!

At last some Spring sunshine and everything is now looking greener and bursting to life as the weather warms up.  The gorse is in full bloom out on the Forest at the moment and looking really beautiful – a golden glow out to the distant horizon – and everywhere is drying up nicely after one of the longest wet Winters I can remember for a long time. The Spring gorse

All the fields at Adds Farm have now been harrowed and rolled with a sprinkle of fertilizer.  Its amazing how resilient the pastures are when they have just a little TLC in the Spring – the ravages of the Winter have simply disappeared.

April has been a busy month and we have held our usual monthly jumping clinic with Janine which was fun and well attended by our regulars plus some new faces from members of AFRA (Ashdown Forest Riding Association).  Also another good equipilates session here with Lindsay with new pilates exercises to work on.  I was really pleased with the riding part of our session as Trevi is really starting to work nicely and making good progress.  I took Trevi for a trip out to Bonfleur for our first cross country session of the year – the going was good and he seemed to take it all in his stride – although he had been out for a 3 hour hack across the Forest the day before so that may have had something to do with him being so chilled and well behaved.

Our recent B&B guests have all enjoyed good weather and had some great rides out on the Forest.  It was especially nice to catch up with an old friend, Wendy Neath, who saw one of our flyers for the B&B in my farriers van and came to stay for a few days with her friend Alex.  I was a livery at Wendy’s yard in Cobham in Kent with my very first horse Sid over 25 years ago – how time flies.  I joined Wendy and Alex for a couple of fun rides out on the Forest which included the ice cream stop at Kings Standing Clump and a visit to Pooh Sticks Bridge where Wendy took a lovely picture of the bridge through her horse’s ears.

April also saw Chris and I completing our training and exam and qualifying as Ashdown Forest Mounted Rangers.  The Mounted Rangers are a small team of volunteers who support the full time Rangers out on the Forest by checking riders have valid permits and helping the public with directions and other information about the Forest.  The training was really interesting and we leant a lot more about the Forest and its history.  It is such a fantastic privilege to be able to ride out here and its nice to feel we can give something back.