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Holidays with Your Horse

June update and news from Adds Farm

Happy Guests and their horses at Adds Farm

Its been a busy couple of weeks with guests bringing their horses on holiday to Adds Farm and we have had some delightful groups of people staying. Its really great to see them enjoying themselves and the riding on the Forest and being able to spend some quality time with their horses.Relaxing on the patio

Its also fun to sit and have a chat with our guests over breakfast or out on the patio at the end of the day with a glass of wine talking over the day’s exploits.  We all have our love of horses in common so there is never any shortage of things to talk about.

The terrain and scenery on the Forest is quite unique and there are so many miles of tracks to explore.  One guest commented recently that she thought the Forest was ‘like another world’ – yes, it really is that different and unlike anywhere I have ridden before.  I always worry that guests might get lost or not get to see as much as they could, so I usually try to take our guests out for a short leg stretch with their horses when they arrive so I can show them the best way onto the Forest and the main tracks and turnings to get to whatever valley they might want to go and explore the next day.  Quite a lot of our guests seem surprised at that it is so hilly but all their horses seem to manage quite well.

There is very little signage on the Forest as the Conservators like to keep everything looking as natural as possible and I am always very impressed when guests take themselves out after only a short introduction for a long 2 or 3 hour ride.  We supply maps but the main landmarks are the many ‘clumps’ on the hilltops (although I have to say that one clump can look very much like another). Friends Clump


However, there are many car parks situated on the tops of the main valleys, all with a unique name – so I always tell guests that if they get lost to head for a hilltop and check the name of the car park against their map (if in doubt, the Adds number and my mobile is also on the map!).




For those who might still worry about getting lost our guiding service is proving very popular.  Chris and and his super horse Hector have done a lot of the recent guiding and our recent guests Annie and Sam enjoyed some quite long rides with him taking in the views of the various valleys and, of course, the now almost mandatory ice cream stop at Kings Standing.Annie and Sam at Kings Standong


Our last group of visitors last weekend came from Southend on Sea.  Very definitely a fun group of ladies.  It was the first time we had a full house booking of 6 in the same party and definitely tested my breakfast organisation skills.  But I survived and from their feedback they all enjoyed my breakfasts too (phew!)  It was lovely to see all 6 stables full and everyone enjoying themselves.  Even having no horse transport was not a problem; these ladies hired a large lorry to deliver and collect them all and said it was quite cost effective between 6.  We arranged a BBQ for everyone on the Saturday evening with Chris’s  very popular deboned BBQ shoulder of lamb.  My friend Karen, who is organizing the Amanda Barton clinic here at the end of July, came over to lend a hand and brought one of her now infamous Mars bar cheesecakes (absolutely calorie free ha!).  It was so popular that I think I need to post her recipe in a separate blog.


What a lovely group of ladies – all really sad to be going home – but I know I will see them again in the future Horses loaded preparing to deprt– and such lovely feedback on our facilities.  To quote one:  “This is more like a 5 Star Hotel than a B&B”.  How lovely – thank you all so much.  Some great pictures of their rides for our gallery too!