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Holidays with Your Horse

Fed up with Winter


Think everyone will agree, can’t remember so much wet and cold for so long!

But we are not fair weather riders are we!  Several layers of thermals and waterproofing and we can go anywhere – although must admit some sun would be nice!!!

The Forest changes so much with the seasons – this is the first time we have ridden a real  ‘Winter’ on Ashdown and the going is surprising.  Obviously lots of really boggy bits in the valleys and a bit slippy on the ridges.  Then you find some really nice uphill canters and quite wonderful chilly and stark scenery from the top by Clumps.  Surprisingly the ice cream van on Kings Standing is always there!  Quite a different location I know, but on some rides late afternoon  I’ve felt like I might bump into a Cathy and Heathcliff  scene – doh! read too much sentimental stuff I think?  But just to be out riding in this Forest one to one with your horse in this kind of scenery does make you feel quite emotional.

Back on the yard we’ve been dealing with all the usual Winter stuff – including mud fever.  I’ve decided to record our experience – why do some horses get it and some escape when they are all in the same conditions – I’m keeping a detailed record of our experiences and what we’ve done and will be publishing it later – so watch this page.   Share your experiences with us on Facebook !

Yes, Facebook did you all hear me say that – so adverse to it in the past.  But then my business manager persuaded me to go on an internet marketing and social media day course – ummm – businesses need to market and the internet is the obvious route – so a bit late in the day but we are now on board yoh!  “About time” is the comment most of my friends are posting.  What can I say, better late than never lol!

Looking forward to the sun returning and thinking on warmer times to come  …. We are already almost full for Easter and  I’ve just taken booking for 4 ‘camps’.  These camps are really proving so popular.  We provide our usual B&B hospitality and include a training schedule with some of our excellent local instructors – some are even fully inclusive of meals where  we will be doing a BBQ with everyone chilling out on the patio and relaxing in the evening and chatting about the days events.  Think you like the sound of that – chat to me and I’ll put it together for you!

We are also hosting a residential clinic with Amanda Barton who has trained in the US with Mark Rashid (arranged by my friend Karen Fitzpatrick)  and also 2 with Janine Lamy  who also runs our popular monthly jumping clinics at Adds – the July and August camp  dates are full but still have some spaces for May with Janine – so just give me a shout if you are interested!

Bring on the sunshine!P1020259