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Holidays with Your Horse

Adult Camps at Adds Farm, East Sussex

Camps, Camps, Camps!

We have hosted 3 amazing ‘adult camps’ at Adds Farm this summer and its something that I think will become more and more popular as we already have repeat bookings for 2014 with the organisers also being asked about potential additional dates as they get more enquiries from other friends also wanting to join in.Amanda Barton

We had three different trainers – Amanda Barton, Janine Lamy and Martine Weber –  and parties of  4, 6 and even 7 riders in one camp.  The feedback from these camps has been fantastic and its been great to see the groups all having so much fun – both during their training and also relaxing around Adds Farm afterwards.




Jumping lesson with Martine So the question is – should they be called ‘camps’.  I agree it is what most people would enter into a search engine if they were looking for an adult camp to take their horse to.  But the word camp makes me think of tents/camp sites and ‘hi di hi’ campers.  Our offering at Adds Farm is nothing like that at all.  We provide luxury B&B accommodation for our camp participants with first class stabling, turnout and great facilities on site for their horses.  We can also provide additional catering on site with buffet lunches and evening meals/BBQs.  One of our guests suggested we call them ‘5 star adult camps’.





Guided ride on Ashdown ForestBut the ‘icing on the cake’ for most of our guests is that apart from being able to book any one of our many excellent local trainers to put together a tailored training experience to your exact requirements, you can also combine your training with spectacular riding out on the Ashdown Forest – just a few minutes ride away from our doorstep.  So certainly some intensive training to help both horse and rider improve their skills, but also some real relaxation hacking out on the Forest – a lovely combination and certainly the best of both worlds to my mind.




How far away is that Clump? At Adds Farm we area happy to tailor a ‘camp’ to your group’s exact requirements at any time of the year, and can include flat-work, show jumping and grids and even a cross country session at one of our nearby XC courses.  But be sure to leave time for some great rides out on the Ashdown Forest!

Give me a call and lets chat about what you would like to do and how we can make your camp special.

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