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Holidays with Your Horse

Adds Farm – holidays with your horse – 2015 Catch up

We are now busy planning events and taking bookings for 2015 – quite a nice distraction during the wet and cold weather in January – can’t wait for Spring and some warmer weather.Adds Farm 3

Looking back at 2014, it was a fantastic year for our B&B and our Holidays with your Horse business which has now really taken off. It was lovely to meet so many new people and also always great to see our returning friends bring their horses back for another stay. This is such a fun business to be running its hard to think of it as a day job!



It was not such smooth sailing with our animals however. My horse, Trevi, had a fall early on in the year in March and damaged all 4 suspensory ligaments so needed to have the rest of the year off. We have taken it very slowly with his recovery, giving him as much time as he has needed. Further investigations also showed issues with his foot/pastern alignment which has now also been successfully addressed by both my vets (Priors Farm) and remedial farriery (Equine Foot Protection) working together on the solution and I am very grateful to Ben Chilvers and Clive Rainger for their help on this one. Mr T has now been given the go ahead to come steadily back into work so we really are keeping all fingers crossed and hope to have him back out riding on the Forest later in the year. However, in the meantime, my old retired eventer, Wolsey, at the ripe old age of 24 was brought back into work and has had a new lease enjoying hacking out on the Ashdown Forest.


Yuki 2 2015The Adds Cat, Yuki, also had a serious injury after a fall and fractured his spine. This meant he had to be confined to a cage for weeks until the fracture knitted together and even now is still only allowed about on house rest. He is such a character and we know all our guests found him really entertaining. We think his back legs will now always be quite wobbly and he may have an ongoing problem with his balance and jumping (so definitely no more walking along the top of the barn or the farm roof please!) but I really want to see him out and about and supervising things around Adds Farm again soon.


We are looking forward to another fun year and welcoming new and returning guests to Adds Farm for a holiday with your horse – whether it is just for some relaxation and wonderful hacking or a full-on training camp – we can cater for anything you would like to do with your horse. We have already organised bespoke camps for groups of guests with Janine Lamy and Martine Weber and I’ve just agreed 2 more dates with Janine with a fixed schedule for 2 camps open to either groups or individuals coming on their own during June and August. I will publish the schedule and dates for these next – so watch this space.