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Holidays with Your Horse

Adds Farm


Yes, it official we have now retired from our B&B business.

It was not an easy decision as we have really enjoyed running our ‘holidays with your horse’ business here at Adds Farm. But its been 7 years now and we want to take life a little more easy and just concentrate on our horses and family and have time to relax a bit more, travel and also just chill and enjoy our lovely Adds Farm.

Its been really interesting for us to set up a new venture from scratch that was so different from anything either of us has done before. It has been an amazing journey and adventure for us and we have been absolutely amazed by how it took off and how popular it became.

Now the sad bit …. We will really miss you all! It has just been so lovely to meet and make friends with so many wonderful guests; many of whom come back every year for a special holiday with us. Thank you all so much for your support and great company. I will miss our prosecco evenings on the patio and rides together out on the Forest. Please do all keep in touch.

Adds farm

Also a special thank you to our wonderful trainers who have supported our residential camps each year– Janine Lamy, Martine Weber and Psyche Dell – thank you all for your support – the camps have been super fun for both us and our guests alike.

We still intend to host training events here at Adds Farm and we have lots of interesting clinics and day camps planned in all disciplines– many already scheduled and are always interested in new ideas for things to host here. These are mainly being managed by the lovely Becki Leggatt so please do join our FB group “Adds Farm Training Facility’ to keep in touch with what we are doing and hopefully we will see you again at one of these events in the future.

Wishing everyone the very best for 2018 and much fun and adventures with your horses.

Sue Sandford and Chris Sandford xx